Snow Cream!

Here in Southwest Virginia, we just had a huge snow storm come through.

Typically, when it snows we will get around 2 inches.

Well, we got around 4-8 this time.

We have plenty of snow to go around and what better way to have fun with it than make snow cream!

Snow cream is something that my grandmother made for my Mom and her brother and has been passed down since.

It’s a really good sweet treat to make, especially if you get kids involved.

the recipe really has no measurements, you just have to eyeball everything depending to your tastes and how the snow is at the time,

To begin, go outside and get a large bowl of snow.Image

Then grab a can of sweetened condensed milk and pour a generous helping in.


Give it a stir, and see if you’ll need more sweetened condensed milk or snow.

You want to aim for a snow cone texture, so add more snow as needed.


After stirring in the sweetened condensed milk in the picture above, I still had to add in some more snow. so if you don’t like things too sweet, take it easy on the milk. Or, you could make it as sweet as you want and add more snow.


If you happened to not have any sweetened condensed milk and you didn’t want to risk your life going out in the snow and ice to get some, you can substitute it with: heavy cream, vanilla and sugar.


In Honor of Race Week / State Street Part One

I live in this little town called Bristol. This town is split in half by the Virginia and Tennessee border and is a very laid back, country town.

There are two legitimate reasons that puts Bristol on the map.

It’s the birthplace of country music and is home to The Bristol Motor Speedway.

And next weekend is the Food City 500 race.

Now, many Bristolians despise this race time because thousands of race fans flock to our little town in campers and RV’s and the roads are packed and usually at a dead stop and it’s nearly impossible to get in and out of a store in a hour. However, the bright side is that the local businesses flourish at this time, so our little town’s economy flourishes.

Where the state lines separates our town there is a long street called State Street, which is home to artsy shops, bakeries, antique stores, primitive home decor stores, stages for outdoor activities such as Rhythm and Roots, farmers markets and little hipster coffee shops. Basically, it’s our “Main Street.”

This is my most favorite place in Bristol, because it just shows our roots and what is important to the Bristol community. So today, my friend Tyler and I decided to go take pictures at State Street in honor of race week next weekend, to give me a reason to start my State Street series on here…..and to just give us something to do.

So, State Street is FILLED with photographic opportunities and it would be hard to capture the essence of it all at once.

I might have also cut my picture taking time short because I locked my keys in my car.

Might have.

Most of the old brick buildings downtown are covered in murals. Mostly country music and (as seen above) race themed.

Bristol was a big Dale Earnhardt fan base.

And since Bristol was the birthplace of country music, it also has murals to reflect that.

This is just a little taste of what State Street really has to offer. If you like artsy, hipsterish, country, laid back kind of things, then State Street is sure to be something that you would enjoy.

Here are a few bonus pictures I took there as well. They each summarize the feel that State Street gives off: