Iphonography: Drag Races

Here in Bristol, there are two things that put us on the map: the founding location of country music and Bristol Motor Speedway.

I love that we are known for country music and usually celebrate that when Bristol Rhythm and Roots rolls around. NASCAR, however, I’m not a fan of. So when my Dad had told me that he had gotten us tickets to go see the drag races, you could imagine my hesitancy.

The races take place on a separate track from the main Speedway. The track is a quarter of a mile long and pretty thin. Not much to say about it. The cars on the other hand, were awesome.

There are two different types of cars that race on the track: Dragsters and Funny Cars. The Dragsters are the normal long-nosed drag racing cars (can be seen in the pictures below) and the Funny Cars are basically a huge motor covered by a metal or plastic hull with decals that are made to look like really nice racing cars.



Saying that it’s difficult to get a good picture of a car going well over 300 MPH using an iPhone, is an understatement. But the iPhone did a whole lot better than I thought it would do. Almost no blur, good clarity, and with the help of Camera Plus, good contrast and color. I totally enjoyed myself and can’t wait to go back next year. With the nice sunburn on the back of my neck, I guess I’ll fit in with the other rednecks there. Ha ha ha.


Iphonography: Shattered Windows

A mishap occurred this past Friday at our church.

Just a little accident.

One of the kids was playing with a new skateboard that they had been given when the skateboard flew out from under him and went rocketing toward the floor-level windows.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt and the window didn’t even bust all the way through.

It did however, crack very beautifully into a spider web like design.



The pictures were taken with an iPhone 4S and edited in Camera Plus.

Vinyl Wall Art

My style and taste constantly changes.

Especially when it comes to clothing and my room decorations.

And food…. but that’s another story for another time.

This post, however, is dedicated to wall art for my room.

In attempt to spice up my room with my sense of style, I decided to make use of some records that I had bought at antique stores, music stores and had donated to me.

The majority, actually was donated to me by a very dear friend.

The records were her grandpa’s who she loved dearly. He sadly passed away and my friend wasn’t sure what to do with the records and decided to donate them to me because she knew I liked them. How awesome of a friend is that!?

I wanted something eclectic, vintage-esque and new to the brain.

I’m not totally sure if that made sense…but it did to me, so it’s all good.

So, I gathered up all of the old records and pinned them up on my wall in an almost cloud like pattern.

I have to say, I am very pleased with the results!

The last picture was actually taken with my iPhone 4S, so that’s why the quality isn’t as great as the rest.

I also added different effects to each picture, just to continue my “spicing up” trend.

What do you guys think about it!?

What could I have done differently that would make it better?

Do any of you guys collect records or use them as art? If so, I’d love to see!

The Beginning of My Iphonography Series

Hey everyone!
So I was pondering on what I could do make the blog more interesting, entertaining and more “me.”
Since I always have my iPhone with me, I tend to use it for quick little shots here and there and also for Instagram, as you all know.
So, I’ve made a new category under Photography, called Iphonography.
I will put all of my pictures taken and edited from my iPhone there.
And what better way to kick start the new category than by posting my prized possession!


I like to call this one “Through The Looking Glass.” Just because.

If you have Iphonography pictures or know a good blog that does, feel free to let me know!

Helping Your Community

Hey everyone!

It’s been FOREVER, it feels, since I last posted.

Well…turns out….it has been.

Instead of just giving you the “I’ve been super busy” excuse, I’ll just prove it.

I’ve been really active in my church, the college age class and I’ve been given a few opportunities there as well.

Firstly, I am now over all Media related who’s-it’s and what’s-it’s galore.

(Yes, that was a Little Mermaid reference. I’m a Disney freak, I can’t help it.)

So with that job, I’m responsible for keeping the church website up to date, make any posters and/or flyers that are needed, be available to take pictures at all events, etc. etc.

I’m also getting ready to start helping out in the youth group there, which I’m SO excited about.

I’ve also been job hunting like crazy and finally got one!


A week or so ago, my church held a Clothing Drive.

The church does annual yard sales and we always have people donate clothes to us.

So, instead of saling the clothes, we decided to give them away.

We had TONS of clothes for all sizes and ages, and it was awesome to be able to bless the community with free clothes, and free hot dogs as well!

This was our lovely volunteers, and let me tell ya, these people are truly, apart from my family, the biggest blessing to me.

And yes, I’m the 6th from the left, top row. I had a serious debate with myself on whether or not I should blur myself out, but decided not to. So, could you just not look there, kthnxbai.

So, the question is:

Do you help out in your community? If so, what do you do to help out?

If not, what would you like to get involved in or plan to help your community?

Have a blessed day everyone!!

A Little Sputnick Update


I snapped this with my iPhone the other night at dinner. Sputnick likes to feel like he’s part of the family when we are eating dinner. So, he sits beside me.

This photo was originally really dark and lacked sharpness, but with the help of a little iOS app called iPhoto, I fixed all of that. If you’re an iPhone user and photography lover, iPhoto is most definitely something that you need to give a try. I’m in the middle of writing a review post for it now, and should be up soon.