State Street: Part 2

This post is a sequel to my earlier post about State Street.

State Street is like the Main St. of my town, but since my town is split in tow right down the middle of State Street, that’s the name it was given.

I’ve been wanting to get some good pictures of State St. at night, so I asked my friend Tiffany to go with me, since she loves photography as much as I do.

It proved to be harder than I expected.

Pictures would come out grainy due to the high ISO needed and it was hard finding things as intriguing at night to shoot.

This is the Paramount theatre. I’m unsure of how long it has been there, but I’m pretty sure it’s been there since the beginning of State St. That’s why I added the sepiaesque filter to it.

This is the huge sign at the end of State Street that shows which side of the street is in Virginia and which side is in Tennessee. For some reason, I really love the grainy, blown out look of this picture.

This is probably my favorite that I took. It has such an eerie quality to it, but I love it!

I love this picture too. It’s of a railroad track and I decided to name this one “Which Side Are You On?”


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