Iphonography: Drag Races

Here in Bristol, there are two things that put us on the map: the founding location of country music and Bristol Motor Speedway.

I love that we are known for country music and usually celebrate that when Bristol Rhythm and Roots rolls around. NASCAR, however, I’m not a fan of. So when my Dad had told me that he had gotten us tickets to go see the drag races, you could imagine my hesitancy.

The races take place on a separate track from the main Speedway. The track is a quarter of a mile long and pretty thin. Not much to say about it. The cars on the other hand, were awesome.

There are two different types of cars that race on the track: Dragsters and Funny Cars. The Dragsters are the normal long-nosed drag racing cars (can be seen in the pictures below) and the Funny Cars are basically a huge motor covered by a metal or plastic hull with decals that are made to look like really nice racing cars.



Saying that it’s difficult to get a good picture of a car going well over 300 MPH using an iPhone, is an understatement. But the iPhone did a whole lot better than I thought it would do. Almost no blur, good clarity, and with the help of Camera Plus, good contrast and color. I totally enjoyed myself and can’t wait to go back next year. With the nice sunburn on the back of my neck, I guess I’ll fit in with the other rednecks there. Ha ha ha.


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