1 Year Anniversary Quick-Shoot

At church Sunday before last, one of my best friends that I’ve ever had asked me to snap a few shots of her and her husband, Michael, for their one year anniversary.

I was honored that she asked me and of course, said yes.

It was very spur-of-the-moment.

In fact, I used her camera because I didn’t bring mine.

……..I need to start bringing mine everywhere, again.

But anywho, this is the outcome!

How BEAUTIFUL is this couple!?

I mean seriously, someone get Nicholas Sparks. He has a book to write about them.

Unfortunately, since we didn’t have much time, we weren’t able to snap many photos, so we ended keeping 4 sets of 2.

One picture in color, and one in black and white for a total of eight.

These four above are just my favorite out of each set.

I always love using black and white, and most of the time, I choose between it and color.

However, this wasn’t the case at this Quick-Shoot.

Black and white is just so classy…. and dreamy…. and lovely….. and someone play The Notebook already!

Michael and Tiffany had wanted to incorporate their wedding picture in their 1 Year shoot, and how awesome of an idea is that!?

That’s Tiffany for ya. Sharp as a tack, and a very talented photographer!

(I’m trying to get her to write a guest post……. I think she’ll come around.)


One comment on “1 Year Anniversary Quick-Shoot

  1. longrunner says:

    The first one is the winner!

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