HDR on iPhone!

There’s something I used to use a lot.

Then for some reason, completely forgot about it.

But now, I’ve rediscovered it, and it has made me see life through a whole new perspective.

Well…..almost. But you get the point!

“It” being the iPhone’s built in HDR camera effect.

What is HDR, you might ask? Well, HDR means High Dynamic Range, or in lame-man’s terms, yours photos having more contrast and better levels of light and dark.

The iPhone achieves this by taking more than one image at a time, and then stitching together the best part of each image (highlights, shadows, contrast, etc.) into one final result.

To use this feature on an iPhone is very simple. All you have to do is open the camera app, and select options at the top-middle of the screen, then toggle HDR to the on position.

The screenshot above illustrates when the HDR effect is toggled on, and normally, the “Option” button would replace the “Done” button at the top.

So, let’s get to the examples!

Note that neither of the pictures have been edited in anyway.

This picture is the basic picture, without the HDR effect:

This is the exact same image, with the HDR effect on:

Do you see how the contrast on the second picture is impeccable, and not even comparable to the first picture!? Even in the grass, tree trunk, and how it gives the blooms that burst of color with perfect levels of highlights and shadows!? That’s why I love HDR!

And not to mention the incredible bokeh the iPhone 4S produces! 😀

The only cons about using HDR on an iPhone is that when you toggle the effect on, it immediately toggles your flash off. So there is no way to use your flash while shooting in HDR. It’s also incredibly important to be very still while taking your picture because, as stated above, it takes three pictures, but not at once. So in movement can blur your final result.

Do you have some awesome HDR pictures taken using your iPhone!? If so, comment with the link because I would love to see them!


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