That’s one OLD jar

For those of you that don’t know, my Dad works at a local power company. His daily job requires him to make sure that local businesses and residential homes have access to his company’s internet, cable and…. telephone? Telephony? Well, which ever it is, this means that he has comes across a lot of neat things, especially when him and his team have to dig near local historic sites. Today, he was digging in Abingdon, VA, famous for the historic Martha Washington Inn. As they were digging, they came across this old jar.

On the jar it says “Requa & Wetmore Bandoline New York.” I tried to do a little research and came up pretty short. I learned that the company operated in New York, obviously, in the late 1800’s and that Bandoline was a form of hair pomade used in that time. If anyone can find or knows anything else about this little jar, please let me know! I’m very curious to see the history behind it.


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