Doggy Play Time

What’s an easy way to put this…

I love these dogs more than anything. They are my friends, companions and my joy.

I could NEVER picture my life without these two.

That mischievous little thing up there is Prissy. She is wild and sweet. Hyper and cuddly. Great for a laugh and determined to be the center of attention. As a puppy, she almost died. She had problems breathing and passed out a few times, but she was a fighter. She never gave up and her fight was worth it, because she is here to make our lives complete and joy-filled today. When this picture was taken, she was doing what she does best, playing and trying to take attention off of her brother.

This is Sputnick. He is the love of my life and the brother I never had. He is the oldest out of the two, and you can definitely tell the age difference between him and his sister. He’s about 2 or 3 years older and almost the complete opposite of Prissy. He is calm, cool and collected. Very intelligent. Very warm, and grumpy when he is sleepy. It’s obvious that he takes after the Schnauzer of his pedigree, while Prissy takes after the Jack Russell Terrier.

These dogs are my everything. It’s funny to think how two little creatures could be so important in an individuals life, but I would never trade a day with them for anything.


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